The tent  is part of the essential equipment when you want to go camping, trekking or go hiking outdoors. It is an ideal way to get closer to nature while being in comfort. You can enjoy being closer to the mountain, river and wildlife in general!

Camping in a tent ensures an unforgettable holiday at low cost, so follow the below guide in choosing your tent !

Here are 10 recommended tents to choose from.

What is a tent?

tent  is an ideal shelter that you can move and put where tent camping cheapyou want. Previously, it was mostly used by nomads. Indeed, it is easy and quick to assemble or disassemble. It is very convenient for people who move very often. However, nowadays, the tent has become a small house for nature lovers and tourists. The camping tent is a habitat installed outdoors. You can use it on a landscaped and specialized site to camp, on a naturist campsite or for a wild camping.

Opting for a camping tent is also very economical. You no longer have to spend money to rent a room at the hotel. In addition, the camping tent is currently very advanced and offers various options depending on the model. Faced with many types of tent: tunnel tent, igloo tent, marquee, Canadian tent, large tent, family camping tent, light tent, beach shelter or hiking tent with apse … you will surely find one that meets your requirements. But, we will still help you make the best choice of your  cheap tent .

The tent is composed of frame covered by a canvas. Its shape and characteristics differ depending on the model. The tent is especially appreciated for its mobility and its very reasonable price. This is one of the reasons why campers prefer this habitat that allows them to afford less expensive but pleasant holidays. In addition, this type of shelter is less cumbersome. With a GPS for camper , you will have the opportunity to easily find a place to install the tent along with your other camping gear.

Before starting your adventure, you must first set up your camping tent . This task can sometimes seem complex. Do not worry because you must have at your disposal a manual telling you all the steps to follow for the assembly. This is not always the same but varies depending on the model of the tent. We advise you to simply bring a hammer to drive the stakes on the ground. It is necessary to plant them well so that the tent is very resistant. It is also very important to stretch the tent cloth during assembly.

However, if you do not want to break your head for assembling, you can always choose to opt for an instant tent or  2 seconds tent  . As its name mentions, this tent can be assembled in 2 seconds only. Just toss it in the air so that the tent opens and forms. After that, you just have to put it in the desired location and then plant the sardines with a mallet while making sure the strings are tight.

The inflatable tent is also a very modern and coveted model. It is also very easy to assemble. Simply inflate the tubes using a foot pump or electric so you can then train your tent by fixing the sardines. Models of this kind of air tent are available in many sizes and shapes.

In addition to all this, there is also the roof tent that installs easily on the roof of both a small family car and a big 4 × 4. Thus, if you fear small insects in the grass or walking on the ground, this model is perfect for you because you will be high. In addition, the roof tent folds out and unfolds in seconds.

If you plan to camp with your family, there is a  family tent that often offers several rooms and provides great comfort. The size of the tents and the number of possible places vary according to the model. You can have a  2-seater tent, 4-seater tent or a 6-seater tent. Do not worry because the number of people who can be accommodated in the tent is always specified, they even exist tents 8 places, 10 places and 12 places!

Children and babies will not be harmed as they may also have their own camping tent. In fact, to offer your little ones a memorable vacation and much more fun, give them a child tent, teepee tent and a baby anti UV tent for the little ones. The anti-UV  tent or beach tent  is perfect for protecting oneself from the sun on the beach in summer. The design of the tents for children are very elaborate and very colorful .

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Advantages and disadvantages of a camping tent

Camping in a tent is definitely better and more exciting than spending a holiday in a hotel. Plus, with the advent of new camping tent models that are more user-friendly, you can guarantee a stay in comfort. There are even light and ultra light tents to satisfy the most demanding.

Advantages of the camping tent

  • Allows for holidays in the open to be more economical
  • Gives the opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty of nature
  • Easy to carry thanks to its lightness
  • Is compact and fits easily in the trunk of a car
  • Ensures a fast and easy assembly
  • Guarantees resistance to wind and snow
  • Is waterproof
  • Ensures your comfort with a sufficient living space according to your needs
  • Gives a perfect finish
  • Is designed with quality materials

Disadvantages of the camping tent

  • There is no heating in the tent.
  • The sanitary side is not very satisfactory

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How to choose a camping tent?

family camping tent The tent exists in different sizes and shapes: tent for 1 to 3 people , tent for 4, 6 and 8 people , and tent for 10 to 12 people . To find the camping tent that best fits your needs, there are some things to consider. Resistance, weight, impermeability and comfort are the main criteria to check. The ideal tent for your camping pitch also depends on the number of people camping in the tent. Your choice will also depend on the type of camping you want to practice. Not to mention the climatic conditions that are also to be taken into account. Before buying a tent, it is important to note the season you are camping.

The size of the tent

This criterion is related to the number of people who will shelter under the tent. You can choose from several models such as a 3-person camping tent , a 4-seater camping tent or a 6-seater camping tent or more. A large tent can obviously accommodate more people and also camping furniture. The size determines not only the price but also the comfort. Besides the number of people, it is also necessary to think of keeping a place for your saddlebags and your various camping equipment. (cooler, camping chair, cots, stove, camping table, inflatable mattress …) So, take a tent with a complementary sleeping is necessary for you to have more space.

The strength of the tent

Your camping tent must also be very solid. Make sure the arches are made from strong materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. The tent must be able to withstand the wind and also the snow. The floor mat must also be strong so that it does not tear easily. He must be able to support the weight of several people.

The weight of the tent

You must also consider the weight to facilitate not only the transport of the tent but also its assembly and disassembly. At the beginning, it is essential to know the means of locomotion that you will use and also the place where you will put your shelter. This weight is often related to the capacity of the tent. Some models like the Quechua XL Air tent weigh between 5 to 6 kg while others can reach about twenty pounds for Marechal, Raclet or Skandika tents. It is therefore essential to make the right choice of camping equipment.

The impermeability of the tent

equipped camping tent Sealing is important to avoid getting wet while you lie in your tent. Remember to check that the fabric of the tent is waterproof and that the mosquito net is secure. For this, you can measure the degree of impermeability of the fabric and the carpet. In case of rain, you will have no problem under your tent if you are well equipped with proper ventilation. (sleeping bag, camping accessory, floor mat …)

The assembly of the tent

Of course, a tent is more practical when it is easier to assemble. The mounting also differs according to the type of tent. For example, an inflatable camping tent is very simple to assemble because you simply inflate its tubes with a pump and plant the tent pegs. On the other hand, fitting a family camping tent can be more difficult because it can contain several rooms.


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Is it safe to stay in a tent?

Many people are afraid to spend their holidays in a tent while it is a very beautiful adventure. Certainly, to be safe, you must choose your tent based on the criteria we have detailed above. Your protection will depend mainly on the quality of your tent. If you are not yet a regular, it is advisable to camp on a campsite such as YellowStone National . If you are afraid of small animals, you can also choose a roof tent. In any case, all we can say is that it is an experience to try.

Where can we camp?

Camping has become a popular activity for vacationers. Due to the fact that many more people are camping in a tent or using their caravan / camper, regulations have had to be put in place. Indeed, you can not camp and pitch your tent wherever you want. It is forbidden to camp on private land without permission from the owner. There are also some areas where camping is not allowed. If you do not comply with the rules in force, you may have penalties. It is true that with a tent, you will be discreet but do not take any risk. It is always recommended to use your camping tent on a landscaped and reserved site for that.

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