Camping Tips

Camping is more popular than ever, with more and more people choosing a ‘staycation’ holiday here in the US. ¬†With the right camping equipment, you can holiday at a low cost with friends and family for years to come.

With that being said camping from a “macro” perspective is relatively easy. More than anything else, it refers to the adaptation and acclimation of living outdoors rather than within a confined space commonly called your house. There are loads of ideas and techniques to help in making that transition much easier, and help you to make your camping more enjoyable and relaxing.

The best thing about the world of camping though, is that somebody is always willing to help out. So we’ve prepared a few tips that we wish somebody had told us before our first time camping:

  • “Pitch your tent in your garden beforehand to make sure it’s all there and you know how to do it. Also, take photos of how it came out of the bag for reference so it’ll go back in again.”
  • “I always make a list of the things required, and tick it off as it goes in the car. It’s just too annoying to forget something.”
  • “Check you equipment before your first trip!”
  • “Have a trial run. Better to bicker in your back garden than in the middle of a campsite in front of 100s of families. We’ve all been there.”
  • “Take spare pegs and invest in hard ground pegs”
  • “Consider a site with good facilities for first camping experiences. Also an electric hook up can be useful and should not be viewed as ‘glamping’.”
  • “Take loads of plastic bags for wet clothes, wet shoes, rubbish”
  • “Freeze the milk in summer for your cool box.”
  • “Remember to bring a tin opener”
  • “On undulating ground never pitch your tent in a dip as this will be first place pools of water will form if it rains.”
  • “Gaffer tape! Always take this. I’ve repaired tent flysheets, splinted broken poles, mended cooking utensils with this stuff!”
  • “Make sure you pack a dustpan and brush and kitchen roll to try and put your tent down dry and clean ready for the next time. Too much hassle to hang it over the line when you get home!!!”
  • “Enjoy yourself. Rain or shine. It’s an adventure!!!”

DO remember that all campers are different and that while tips can help out, they may not apply to what makes your trip as enjoyable as possible. Prepare for a lot of trial and error, as with anything – practice makes perfect.

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