A Frugal Camping Experience

Here are some few tips on how to go on a cheap camping trip without breaking the bank.

  • Garage Sale Shopping

    I guess you might call me a Garage Sale Addict. I like them and I have a hard time remaining on course when I see a bright colored indication with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction of my destination! Yard sales are the best place to discover camping meals, pots and pans for your outdoor camp cooking area. Garage sales are also the place to go to stock up on video games. I likewise enjoy playing UNO while the campfire is scorching in the background.

  • Clearance Shopping

    The end caps of Target are like searching for gold in a lost cave! Crazy bargains can be found there. I became good friends with an employee one day as she was marking products down. She told me every Thursday her job is to go around remarking the clearance items. She told me every Target is different, however my recommendation to you is to ask your local Target supervisor if there is a special day they mark their shelf items for clearance. I would undoubtedly say Target clearance would be one of my top places to search for a bargain on a brand-new tent.

  • Online Shopping

    I am really the type that wants to use a tool before buying it and I really like to bring home whatever it is I just paid for right away. I have started enjoying the fact that I can shop online without the hassle of people being in front of and behind me. Amazon.com is nearly always the least expensive site for buying anything as long as you can wait to get your hands on.

  • Craigslist Shopping

    Buyer’s Beware. There are things on Craigslist you need to understand before purchasing from a private party. I would be fine with purchasing camping chairs off Craigslist, but not sleeping bags. An outdoor camping stove might be more than half cost on Craigslist! Always remember shopping this way is extremely time consuming and it may be quicker to just hop onto Amazon instead.

  • Campground Offers

    A lot of campgrounds will have discounts on their sites. They also often will publish deals for 2 nights at their location. I have found that if you plan your trip out early enough you can score an early bird price.

  • Ground Camping

    Go on a camping trip with a group of friends so that the total cost of everything can be split evenly between everyone. This is a really cost effective way of saving money if your strapped for cash.

  • Location

    You don’t have to break the bank by wasting gas money on long road trips to some far away camp site. All you have to do is camp in your back yard or someplace near your home and you’ve just cut your traveling cost by 80%.

  • Meal Planning

    Buy items in bulk and then do a large meal prep ahead of the camping trip. This is a great way to save money. Meal preps can include a simple lunch of PB & J with chips and for dinner campfire hot dogs with a side of baked beans. The nice thing about camping food is no one expects a gourmet meal.

Hope these money saving camping tips were a bit helpful to you.